Company Updates | 26 - Mar - 2019

Thank you all! - IRISO Tech Days 2019 Overview -

IRISO U.S.A. hosted their Second Annual ‘Tech Days’ on March 7th and 8th at their sales office located in Farmington Hills, MI. Throughout these two days, visitors were welcomed to come check out the different solutions IRISO connectors could offer. As with last year’s Tech Days, the Engineering team was on hand to discuss one on one ideas and concepts with current and potential customers. They also presented 4 new teardown items which highlighted the benefits of using IRISO connectors in the latest on-board camera, EPS, lidar sensor, and center stack. Three new components (FCA Uconnect touch screen, BMW rear/surround view camera, & Lexus digital instrument cluster) were added to the over 20 items exhibited last year, which totals almost 50 different connectors on display. In addition to showcasing 10 newly developed IRISO connectors and IoT solutions for edge devices, the IRISO sales team was very excited to demonstrate their new 3-D interactive program that uses touch screen technology to take an up close and detailed look at a variety of connectors currently used in automotive applications. 
IRISO U.S.A. was grateful for the opportunity to connect with potential new clients as well as strengthen the relationship with their current customers. They hope you can “connect” with them at their next exhibition, The Battery Show (North America), in September 2019 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI.