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Reduce assembly error and relieve stress on solder joints with Iriso Floating technology.

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What Is Floating?

IRISO's proprietary floating technology offers misalignment correction and vibration protection while reducing stress to soldering joints and contact area.

Leading factory automation OEM’s trust IRISO’s high speed floating board to board connectors inside their PLC’s and robotic equipment.

How It Works

Increasing Tolerance & Reliability

Floating board to board (BtoB®) connections from IRISO boast tolerance compensation of up to 1 mm over X, Y and Z axes. This facilitates the process of joining PCBs in the event of misalignment or blind joining. The reliability of the connection systems enable a secure usage, even under challenging ambient conditions, offering a space-saving concept.

Decreasing Stress

Moreover, the impacts of vibrations and shocks are effectively mitigated, while the sensitive contact surfaces are also protected against mechanical stress and fretting corrosion. 


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Suspended mating contacts inside the plug and socket; absorb vibration and also prevent solder cracks from mating miss-alignment.

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