Consumer Electronics

  • Digital Camera
  • Home Stereo
  • Digital Tuner
  • Video Gaming
  • TV
  • Digital Video Camera
  • DVD, Blu-ray Player/Recorder
  • Printer

Technologies Used

IRISO's Auto I-Lock FPC/FFC connectors are ideal for robotic assembly. Auto I-Lock automatic retention feature allows for automated assembly, saving man hours and manufacturing cost.

Auto I-Lock

Automatic locks make single action assembly easy and reliable.

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Reduce assembly error and relieve stress on solder joints with Iriso Floating technology.

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IRISO’s unique "I-LOCK" technology prevents accidental cable removal.

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Two Point Contact

Increases the chances of proper contact by cleaning and adding a redundant two-point-contact.

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Keep critical applications running smoothly with Iriso Z-Move.

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