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How do I read IRISO part numbers?
For example: IMSA-9665S-10Y903

IMSA -> Iriso Mold Sales Assembly Drawing

9665 -> Series Number

S -> S: Socket, B: Plug

10 -> Pin Count

Y9 -> Packaging Type (Y5** is Tray, Y9** is Tape and Reel, Z9** is Stick packaging)

03 -> Type Number

What is the difference between the part number and the packaging number?
Part number is the product to be used on customer assembly. Part number does not dictate packaging. A part can have multiple types of packaging. Therefore we have unique packaging numbers that includes the part.
Are IRISO parts RoHS compliant? IRISO provides a formal RoHS CoC (Certificate of Compliance) and REACH for their products?

Many of our products are ROHS compliant. Check the ROHS information on the individual product page to see if a specific product is ROHS compliant. We’ve highlighted the ROHS information below as an example of where this information can be found on the product page.

Feel free to contact us with us with any additional questions on environmental standards.

Does IRISO develop custom connectors?
Yes, and we'd be happy to talk to you about your needs. Contact our Sales staff for further information.
Where are parts distributed from?
IRISO has 4 manufacturing locations: Japan, China, Philippine and Vietnam.
Where are IRISO's office locations?
USA Sales Office - Farmington Hills, MI
34405 W 12 Mile Rd #237
Farmington Hills, MI 48331

Is there IRISO near me?
IRISO is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan with 20 sales locations worldwide and 4 manufacturing locations strategically located across the world. USA head sales office is Farmington Hills, MI. For more information on specific IRISO locations, please see our About Us page.
Can I get a copy of IRISO ISO certifications?
IRISO is committed to High Level of Customer Satisfaction through continual improvement of its processes, quality oriented services and creation of a culture of excellence within the organization. We are certified with ISO-14001, ISO-9001, and IATF-16949.

Japan - Headquarter
Document Type Link
PDF ISO-9001
PDF ISO-14001
PDF ISO-45001

Japan - Ibaraki Plant
Document Type Link
PDF ISO-9001
PDF IATF-16949
PDF ISO-14001

China -  Shanghai Plant
Document Type Link
PDF ISO-9001
PDF IATF 16949
PDF ISO-14001

China -  Nantong Plant
Document Type Link
PDF ISO-9001
PDF IATF 16949
PDF ISO-14001

Philippine Plant
Document Type Link
PDF ISO-9001
PDF IATF 16949
PDF ISO-14001

Vietnam Plant
Document Type Link
PDF ISO-9001
PDF IATF 16949
PDF ISO-14001
PDF IOS-45001
Can you take credit card payment?
Yes, we take Visa and Master for small orders.
IRISO has EDI capabilities?
Yes, you can conduct transactions via standard EDI document transmission.
I cannot find information which I am looking for...
We are continually updating our website with content and part data and you may not find what you're looking for.  Please use our Contact page to inquire or just send us an email:
How can I get the 3D model data?
Please contact us: with IRISO parts number.
What is IRISO USA's remit to address?
34405 W 12 Mile Rd
# 237
Farmington Hills, MI 48331 USA
What number should be used on the BOM and what number should be on the purchase order?
Part number can be used on the BOM and the packaging number needs to be used for ordering. However, it is up to the customer if they want to use Part number or Packaging Number for the BOM.
Why can’t I see the part I am currently using?
This part may be discontinued and replaced with a new part number. For further details please contact our sales staff:
What is the difference between base type codes?
Base type code differentiates a part by different mold design, material, color, or features.
Where can I find test data for a specific connector?
Please refer to the product spec sheet.
How can I order sample parts?
You can contact our sales team for any samples you may need.

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