IRISO Designs Innovative FPC/FFC Connectors!

FPC/FFC's are the Gymnast's of connectivity, bending and turning into some of the tightest of spaces.

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IRISO's Line of FPC/FFC connectors are designed to meet the widest range of requirements.

The IRISO FFC/FPC connector series offers wide-ranging options for securely connecting your flexible flat cable according to your specifications. Further innovations such as “Auto I-Lock", tandem contact and shielded versions help ensure secure use for automotive and industrial applications. The ability to deploy these units in a space-saving manner is underpinned by the reliability of this connection technology, while also taking the required flexibility into consideration.

Technologies Available

Our technologies are both innovative and proprietary, giving you a quality product and competitive advantage.

Auto I-Lock

Automatic locks make single action assembly easy and reliable.

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IRISO’s unique "I-LOCK" technology prevents accidental cable removal.

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Industry Applications

Our products help improve people's lives and experiences in the world.

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